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Para Para Mode!

I didn't want to just sit around today or get my ass to the gym, so I put together this Para Para playlist on my youtube. Took me forever to find these, thankfully someone had uploaded these a while back! Figured this would be a good at-home/rainy day workout, especially for people who don't own the game. Check it out, it's addicting and a pretty great workout for your arms. I plan on getting the actual game someday, but for now, this works, as I am too poor to afford it atm...

Para Para Mode!

Dead Man's Party

You know, there is something about going back and reading old forum threads. One thread in particular really spurred so many memories for me on Arlong Park Forums.
General Cosplay Thread

Much fun was had in that thread, as fellow cosplayers shared their work and shared their advice with others. But of course, it was not without drama. I cringed and rolled my eyes every time I scrolled through posts of members whining for attention or being rude. I really miss those days, despite all that. 2007-2009 were really interesting for me and so much changed in those two years. I learned some harsh life lessons, I met some awesome people and I started coming into my own, figuring out who I was and what was important to me.

And as I think of more pointless prattle, I had to click on this thread again...
~*+::The Arlong Park Chibi Thread::+*~

Oh man! Talk about some hilarious memories! I have to admit, it felt good to be able to bring at least a small part of the APF community together. People were finally paying attention to my silly artwork, more so than my other art, but whatevs~ 17 pages in and I haven't laughed so much in ages it seems. I couldn't stop smiling as I read through the posts. I wish I hadn't taken some things so personally on a forum, but that is a part of growing up and learning that it is all "water off a duck's back".

I need to find some of the chibis that were unfortunately eaten by stupid imageshack. Thankfully some were in my photobucket though. I am a bit disappointed that I did not follow through with all of the requests. Albeit, some of them were ridiculous, but admittedly, it was due to life priorities and procrastination. Probably more of the ladder.... I wish I could go back and revive the thread and say "HAI GAIS! HERE'S SOME MORE AP CHIBIS~ LOLZ~!" But nowadays, it wouldn't even matter. That forum has changed, possibly grown up to some extent. Nobody would give a crap about my chibis now. It may be because people were tired of waiting on my lame ass to finish their requests. Or because they got tired of me drawing the same characters *cough*Bushido**cough* over and over again. In my defense, he had a lot of great material to work with and was relatively easy to draw. I do wish I had carried on the concept of The 3 Marimos a bit further. Only so much you can do with a bunch of Zoro geeks....

It is rather hard to believe that really took place almost 8 years ago. So much has changed. It makes me a little sad. I don't think I'll ever experience that amazing feeling again in that forum.

Though, I suppose not being so overly obsessed with One Piece anymore has something to do with it. I still love it. One Piece is very close to my heart, and the source of me making so many friends online and meeting people who I still hold in high regard and love dearly.

I have no regrets. Well, maybe a little, let's be honest....

Neko Needs Your Help!

Bleh. Funds are getting rather low on my end. I don't plan on starting work until January, partially because I still need to transfer my license and do 4 hours of continuing education.

So I'm thinking of taking commissions for at least the rest of this year or however long I can. I can do anything from sketch to digital color. The more complex it is, the more I will charge. Nothing too complicated that will take me forever to do, I'm not too great at backgrounds or overly detailed mechs.

Please MESSAGE ME or EMAIL ME at kamenriderneko@gmail.com if you are interested, we'll sort out details/pricing there! <3

Neko's Bizarre Adventure Pt 8 - Nekolion

As nice as Pendleton was, we sure as hell did not want to stay any longer than we had to. I was glad to come across the weather report on Thursday's winter storm sweeping the northwest. Most of the country was hit by the arctic blast. But it was a record low in temperatures in the northwest. We had to leave Pendleton asap. According to the locals, we should have prepped our vehicles with traction tires or chains. The gorge was supposed to be worst to get through.


It was around 8am when we left our hotel. It was around 18 degrees when we left, so there was not really any snow on the ground in that area yet. So far so good. As we entered the mountains, that was when the snow and wind hit. Soon enough, the roads were coated with a sheet of snow and ice. Panic was starting to set in. Cars were slowing down, large trucks were pulled over to chain their tires, and the roads were only getting worse. I had to keep going. There was no way we were going to be stuck here. I made sure to stay away from every vehicle, keeping my foot off the brake unless absolutely necessary. I felt my tires slip a few times, which scared the shit out of me.

This is what the roads looked likeCollapse )

I came to the realization that day that it was fear that kept me alive. I have never been so scared to drive in my entire life. But because I was so terrified, all my senses were alert and I got through it alive. I made sure to keep in constant contact with my mother in law, she had been fishtailing a few times whenever she tried picking up speed. I somehow lost her a few miles back. Thankfully, I came across a gas station just outside of Portland. I had my tank filled up, ate a snack and waited for her there. After what seemed like an hour, she finally made it! I was so relieved. Soon we were both ready to continue.

Originally, we wanted to stop in Portland for lunch, but because of the horrible weather and scary roads, we decided against it and just wanted to get into Washington. Once we did get into Washington, it was just raining. Such a relief! Never thought I would be happy to be driving in rain. Certainly beats ice! Thankfully, as we drove further north, the rain started to clear up. Seeing the tall evergreen trees was a welcome site. We were almost home. We were at ease as soon as we started to see signs for Olympia.

We made it to our destination after 4pm. The boys would not be home until after 6pm. After getting the cats into the apartment and a few of our things inside, we decided to celebrate with much needed drinks at the local pub. I didn't see my husband until later that evening, he had an eye appointment after work. I slept really good that night. ;)

I think we will settle in just fine here for the rest of the year. The weather is gorgeous, and it rarely snows here. I have been having difficulty breathing since we arrived, but hopefully my body will adjust soon.

Here is a map of our journey, we traveled about 2,213 miles in 4 days.
Bizarre Adventure MapCollapse )

Neko's Bizarre Adventure Pt 6 & 7

Putting these together because I will have one more bizarre journal entry after this, since I am now on the homestretch. Just 5-6 hours to go....

Pit Stop OceanCollapse )

Oregon Ball RunCollapse )

Neko's Bizarre Adventure Pt 5 - Idaho Aureo

A short and sweet update. Idaho was really boring. Not much to see except farms and grassy hills. I got through all of the Star Wars audiobook that I had been meaning to listen to for a while. It was fun listening to that on the road, giving my mind something to focus on while driving to not fall asleep. Didn't end up staying, we basically drove through the bottom corner right into Oregon. Good thing though, the speed limit was 80 almost the entire time we drove from northern Utah into Idaho. It was cold as hell last night and this morning when we left Utah.

I have to admit. I didn't think Utah was a very interesting state. Until today. It really amazes me how different the terrain is in different parts of the United States. So much color and texture! It makes me wish I had time to travel with a canvas and paint some of the scenery I saw. I think we stopped and took more pics in Moeb, UT than anywhere else. We drove by the Wilson Arch which was really cool. The fact that nature made that happen just amazes me. Also, we drove by the Hole n' a Rock, a 5,000 sq ft house with a gift shop and a zoo that was built into a mountain. I wish we had time to go in and check it out, but unfortunately we didn't think about it at the time. Perhaps someday, on our way back to Texas.

Utah pics!Collapse )

Here's the website if anyone is interested. http://theholeintherock.com/

Today wasn't such a long drive, except for that last stretch as we made it into Layton. Traffic delayed us almost half an hour. We were famished by the time we got to our hotel, and also, it was COLD. AS. HELL. So we quickly got our stuff inside, let the cats loose into the room, fed them and then walked over to the place next to the hotel (so we don't lose our rock star parking), turned out to be a barbeque place, Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que. Pretty darn good! I guess I'm probably the worst food critic because I'm not really that picky. Rarely do I absolutely hate food when I go out to eat. But that being said, I enjoyed it. Got a delicious pumpkin ale brewed in Park City to go with my "Texas" Brisket.

In the last year, I have developed allergy related asthma. So I have to use an inhaler once in a while. Well, since we started traveling, needless to say, I've had to use it quite often. The weather change and elevation has something to do with it, obviously. Thankfully my mother in law had a spare inhaler for me, mine is almost out.

Also, we will try to go for an 8-9 hour drive tomorrow and make it all the way to Pendelton, OR. The weather is supposed to be horrible the next few days, we should bypass the majority of it if we just skip Boise, save for a quick break in between. Hoping my cats will survive another long drive without any accidents.

Just another 12-13 hours before we reach Olympia!
Santa Fe was indeed worth going to. The trip there was definitely interesting. I made sure to take as many pics as possible during the drive. Without causing a wreck.

New Mexico pics!Collapse )

Exploring the Plaza in Santa FeCollapse )

Northern New MexicoCollapse )

So as we headed into Santa Fe, Sadie, my tortie started flipping out and scratching at her kennel. I thought she was just getting restless. Until a pungent smell filled my car. Yup. She pooped herself and tried to warn me. But what could I have done? Pull over, put her harness and leash on and have her go on the side of the road? Ha! If only... Anyway, I used many wipes to get her and her kennel cleaned up as best as I could without washing anything. To my dismay, as I held her while grammy (mother in law) helped me clean her up, her front paws had poop on them, and soiled my skirt. Great. Thankfully it's not too bad and can be easily washed, but, still.

The cats were relatively quiet during the rest of the trip, no more accidents for now. When we finally arrived at our hotel, the first thing I did was give Sadie a bath and thoroughly wash out her kennel. Now they are both cuddled up next to me in my bed. And on that note, I should get some sleep so we can head out of Cortez early!
My adventure continues. As I gear up to leave Texas on Sunday morning.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had originally planned to leave around 6am, get an early start and get to Albuquerque before dark. Well, that plan didn't work out. Instead of waking up at 5am, I slept through my alarm and woke up after 6. So not only am I am hour behind, I still have a few things to pack into the car, like the suitcase of video game consoles and my cats. Oh now, that was fun.

I waited until both cats had their breakfast and their morning potty break. Then as I finished packing up the car, and getting suspicious stares from Sadie, I corralled my cats into the bathroom, their kennels prepped with calming collars attached and some of my worn t-shirts lining the inside. I had this thought in my head that they would need harnesses, so I fitted both of my cats into them, of course they immediately cower down in disgust. It did make it easier to stuff them into their kennels. At this point, I was ready to leave the house, cats in tow. And then the yowling begins.

As I said my goodbyes to my brother in law/roommate, my first stop was at my sister in law's house, where my mother in law was staying. It was already 7 and the sun was up. By the time I met up with her, situated a few last things and said our goodbyes to the fam, we left after 8. So, there goes 2 hours....

Now, if you're from Texas, you know how damn big it is. That being said, it felt like forever before we even crossed into New Mexico. After a few GPS fails and getting turned around by accidentally ending up on business roads, we made it to our first pit stop in Wichita Falls for breakfast. It was really hard to stay awake, so this was a welcome break. I was not comfortable with leaving the cats in the car, so we parked where we could see the cars, I cracked the windows a bit, and we were able to chill for a bit and eat breakfast.

The next 5 hours went fairly smooth. Made one stop in Amarillo to make a Walmart run, I stayed with my cats, mother in law went inside. Fueled up and soon crossed into New Mexico. My cats were amazingly calm and managed sleep most of the way, and stopped judging my singing along to my music. Yeah during the first bit of the trip, they started meowling every time I wanted to sing. Jerks. I needed to stay awake somehow. We stopped at a Love's gas station in Santa Rosa, the sun was already beginning to set at this time. I managed to snap some photos of the beautiful skyline a few of the desert area. I wish I could have gotten more pics of the mesas.

Santa Rosa skylineCollapse )

It was almost pitch black by the time we made it into Albuquerque. A slight detour, thanks to my trusty GPS telling me that there was heavy traffic on hwy 40, lead us into my mother in law's old stomping grounds. My sister in law was born in Albuquerque, so this was a nice trip down memory lane for my mother in law. It was also neat seeing all the colorful license plates. Makes our Texas plates look so boring.

Finally we make it to our hotel, after getting turned around by the construction and being in the wrong lane and having to u-turn 2 miles down the road. We are taking precaution, no matter where we are staying, and bringing in all our important things, in case the worst should happen. The cats were freaked out at first, but they settled in just fine by the time we went to bed.

So today, we woke up around 8, had some breakfast and now the plan is to take a side quest into Santa Fe. We'll have to back track into Albuquerque after, because we are trying to avoid high elevation and mountain passes. Still, the trip will be much shorter today, our next stop will be Cortez, Colorado. A welcome change of pace. 10 hours was way too long of a drive! So far the longest I've ever driven on my own. I will update with any bizarre findings later!
As some of you may know, I'm going to be moving out of Texas soon. It will only be for about a year or so in Washington while my husband is working there. So since this will be my first time traveling long-term out of state, I've decided to write blogs about my adventures on the road. Originally, I was going to record some video blogs, but for my safety, I decided against it.

My adventure began after I said goodbye to my salon on Saturday. On Sunday, I headed out to Houston to go to the Gwar Eternal Tour with my friends Clint and Erich. I've never seen them on stage before, it was definitely an experience! It really is a shame I never got to see them when Oderus was still alive. Blóthar and Vulvatron were definitely amazing as the new lead singers. So much blood and mayhem was had that night! Here's some photos from the concert under the cut. There is one NSFW pic! It's the very last one in the cut. ;)

Gwar!Collapse )

And then the aftermath from the bloodbath. As well as the awesome Gwar t-shirt I bought.

After the concert, we went to get food at a nice Greek restaurant. In our blood splattered clothing. That stuff was hard to take off with just paper towels, it wasn't until I took a shower that it finally came off.

So as I was falling asleep on Clint's couch, they turned on the TV in the living room. I fell asleep during a wrestling match, and then as I was in and out in the next few hours, I started having really creepy dreams about possessed dolls. All I remember is being given a doll by an old lady who told me it was possessed as she handed it to me. I remember feeling really creeped out in the dream. As I woke up, my eyes adjusted and there was Ghost Adventures on the TV. It was the Island of the Haunted Dolls episode. About halfway through it anyway. So it basically invaded my subconscious. Not something I wanted to wake up to at 4 in the morning!

I ended up spending the night at my sister's that night, for various reasons. I was pretty exhausted from the weekend in general. I headed back home really early to catch a movie date with a friend from the salon. Long story short, we saw Annabelle. It was ok. Not what I expected, honestly. Had some good scares though.

And that pretty much concludes Part One of Neko's Bizarre Adventure! Hopefully I'll be able to post some interesting things while I'm on the road. I should be leaving by next weekend!

Now to go finish my Halloween costume....

Here's the Ghost Adventures episode in case anyone is interested/curious! I finally got to watch the entire thing with my sister Liz later that evening.
Island of DollsCollapse )

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