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Neko's Bizarre Adventure Pt 6 & 7

Putting these together because I will have one more bizarre journal entry after this, since I am now on the homestretch. Just 5-6 hours to go....

Somehow, I managed to get out of bed right at 6am this morning. Not by choice. The cats were being brats as usual. We were ready to leave by about 8am, had to bundle up really good because holy crap it was cold in Utah!

The drive was not that difficult. We went 80mph almost the entire time. 4 hours in, it was hard to stay focused, so we took an extended break at a gas station that thankfully had some fast food restaurants attached to it. I was a little apprehensive about leaving the cats in the car at first, but my mind was put at ease since it was during the day, there were a lot of people, and it was easy to see the car from inside the gas station. I cracked the windows a bit, at this point they were quiet. I made sure to put plenty of blankets and old t shirts in their kennels for them, as well as draping a blanket over both of them to help them sleep through the trip better.

After getting some much needed rest, gas and food in us, we continued on our journey.

I was so happy to get through Idaho, and I'm also glad we decided not to stay in Boise for the night, for several reasons, I will revisit this later.

Oregon is so pretty! It was neat seeing the mountains covered in trees and how considerably different the terrain was from where we started. Driving through the mountains was interesting. Also, when we had to get gas, there was a sign for a Chevron gas station, and usually when that happens, it's right off the freeway. Not the case this time. We had to follow some winding road into a small town, and eventually we ran into the Chevron. I soon learned that the gas attendants had to pump gas for you. Apparently it's a law to create jobs for people. Interesting.

Oregon pics!
2014-11-12 18.00.25

2014-11-12 18.01.39

The rest of the drive was pretty interesting, we drove through a national forest, an Indian reserve, and then finally, after what seemed like forever, we reached Pendleton. There is not much around here, it's mostly farmland. There are mountains around the town, but more far away. Still a nice skyline.

As we settled into our hotel room, I read that the winter storm that is supposed to happen up north is starting tomorrow around 10am in this area. This may or may not complicate our trip out of Pendleton, but hopefully we can get out early enough to avoid the worst of it. Last thing I want to do is stay another night. We are so close! Our route will be taking us through Portland, so depending on how the weather is there, we may stick around there and check it out a bit.

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