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Neko's Bizarre Adventure Pt 8 - Nekolion

As nice as Pendleton was, we sure as hell did not want to stay any longer than we had to. I was glad to come across the weather report on Thursday's winter storm sweeping the northwest. Most of the country was hit by the arctic blast. But it was a record low in temperatures in the northwest. We had to leave Pendleton asap. According to the locals, we should have prepped our vehicles with traction tires or chains. The gorge was supposed to be worst to get through.


It was around 8am when we left our hotel. It was around 18 degrees when we left, so there was not really any snow on the ground in that area yet. So far so good. As we entered the mountains, that was when the snow and wind hit. Soon enough, the roads were coated with a sheet of snow and ice. Panic was starting to set in. Cars were slowing down, large trucks were pulled over to chain their tires, and the roads were only getting worse. I had to keep going. There was no way we were going to be stuck here. I made sure to stay away from every vehicle, keeping my foot off the brake unless absolutely necessary. I felt my tires slip a few times, which scared the shit out of me.


I came to the realization that day that it was fear that kept me alive. I have never been so scared to drive in my entire life. But because I was so terrified, all my senses were alert and I got through it alive. I made sure to keep in constant contact with my mother in law, she had been fishtailing a few times whenever she tried picking up speed. I somehow lost her a few miles back. Thankfully, I came across a gas station just outside of Portland. I had my tank filled up, ate a snack and waited for her there. After what seemed like an hour, she finally made it! I was so relieved. Soon we were both ready to continue.

Originally, we wanted to stop in Portland for lunch, but because of the horrible weather and scary roads, we decided against it and just wanted to get into Washington. Once we did get into Washington, it was just raining. Such a relief! Never thought I would be happy to be driving in rain. Certainly beats ice! Thankfully, as we drove further north, the rain started to clear up. Seeing the tall evergreen trees was a welcome site. We were almost home. We were at ease as soon as we started to see signs for Olympia.

We made it to our destination after 4pm. The boys would not be home until after 6pm. After getting the cats into the apartment and a few of our things inside, we decided to celebrate with much needed drinks at the local pub. I didn't see my husband until later that evening, he had an eye appointment after work. I slept really good that night. ;)

I think we will settle in just fine here for the rest of the year. The weather is gorgeous, and it rarely snows here. I have been having difficulty breathing since we arrived, but hopefully my body will adjust soon.

Here is a map of our journey, we traveled about 2,213 miles in 4 days.


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