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Dead Man's Party

You know, there is something about going back and reading old forum threads. One thread in particular really spurred so many memories for me on Arlong Park Forums.
General Cosplay Thread

Much fun was had in that thread, as fellow cosplayers shared their work and shared their advice with others. But of course, it was not without drama. I cringed and rolled my eyes every time I scrolled through posts of members whining for attention or being rude. I really miss those days, despite all that. 2007-2009 were really interesting for me and so much changed in those two years. I learned some harsh life lessons, I met some awesome people and I started coming into my own, figuring out who I was and what was important to me.

And as I think of more pointless prattle, I had to click on this thread again...
~*+::The Arlong Park Chibi Thread::+*~

Oh man! Talk about some hilarious memories! I have to admit, it felt good to be able to bring at least a small part of the APF community together. People were finally paying attention to my silly artwork, more so than my other art, but whatevs~ 17 pages in and I haven't laughed so much in ages it seems. I couldn't stop smiling as I read through the posts. I wish I hadn't taken some things so personally on a forum, but that is a part of growing up and learning that it is all "water off a duck's back".

I need to find some of the chibis that were unfortunately eaten by stupid imageshack. Thankfully some were in my photobucket though. I am a bit disappointed that I did not follow through with all of the requests. Albeit, some of them were ridiculous, but admittedly, it was due to life priorities and procrastination. Probably more of the ladder.... I wish I could go back and revive the thread and say "HAI GAIS! HERE'S SOME MORE AP CHIBIS~ LOLZ~!" But nowadays, it wouldn't even matter. That forum has changed, possibly grown up to some extent. Nobody would give a crap about my chibis now. It may be because people were tired of waiting on my lame ass to finish their requests. Or because they got tired of me drawing the same characters *cough*Bushido**cough* over and over again. In my defense, he had a lot of great material to work with and was relatively easy to draw. I do wish I had carried on the concept of The 3 Marimos a bit further. Only so much you can do with a bunch of Zoro geeks....

It is rather hard to believe that really took place almost 8 years ago. So much has changed. It makes me a little sad. I don't think I'll ever experience that amazing feeling again in that forum.

Though, I suppose not being so overly obsessed with One Piece anymore has something to do with it. I still love it. One Piece is very close to my heart, and the source of me making so many friends online and meeting people who I still hold in high regard and love dearly.

I have no regrets. Well, maybe a little, let's be honest....

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