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Jesus Is The New Black

Dyed my hair yesterday. Started making my own hair clip extensions so I figure going all black would be a good idea so I can match any color I want.

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Not that much of an overhaul, but this will do for now. Might make some new icons too.

Its Been A While....

Never thought I would use this thing again... Wow, so much has changed as far as interests go. Expect an overhaul sometime soon.

I hate people sometimes....

So I had the most retarded call yesterday. This major prick called in about his set top boxes not working right, he was getting pixelation. So I go through the steps to help him. When I got to the point where I ask "Ok, I see 5 boxes here, can you tell me which ones you are having problems with?" So of course, he says he only has two and I have to explain that the other ones were previous ones he had replaced, so I then ask him to please verify the serial numbers on the bottom of the boxes. And he had the nerve to say "I don't want to give out that information!" Me: "........Excuse me?" Seriously. I can see all your information here, you idiot!

Pretty much the entire call he was being a total asshole, not cooperating with me and all I was trying to do was troubleshoot his cable boxes. He demanded that I send a refresh command to the boxes. (Apparently he already did this before, and had already powercycled them) So I did that and as I always do after a refresh, I kindly ask him to turn on the box when the time shows up. He refused. WHAT?! Really?! It was so frustrating. He expected me to leave his ticket open because he's had so many problems. Eventually he wanted to speak to a supervisor, which I would've gladly done. But he told me to not do any further troubleshooting anyway, and told me, not ask me, but told me that I need to take down his number and have my supervisor call him later because he had to go eat dinner, and he was tired. FUCK FACE. I can't believe he thought he had the right to tell me how to do my job. In my remarks, I made sure to notate, for the next poor soul that gets that asshole on the phone, that he refused to troubleshoot.

I was so pissed off by the end of the call, I wish I had taken down his address so I could send him hatemail or something.

Still not ginger....

Watched the Doctor Who marathon on BBC yesterday... Can't say I was too impressed with the new doctor, but we'll see if he turns out to be pretty good or not.

Hmm after going to see Sherlock Holmes and watching Serenity with John (both movies were quite awesome btw), I decided that we should do some steam punk cosplay. I mainly just want to see John in a nice fitted suit. <3 I'm thinking of drawing up some concepts....

You'll see my fire

Chillin' at mum's for a few days. Might go play some Rival Schools since I am way outta practice.

Hmmm Initial D songs are more fun to listen to now, they make me think of a certain someone <3

Beautiful Morning With You

So I got the job! I just have to go through background checks and whatnot. I'm really excited because I can finally have a fulltime job with benefits, and I can actually afford things like a car or better yet, my student loans! I can finally catch up on those.

Let's see, Thanksgiving was fun. I got to introduce Barry to my parents, that went pretty well, I think. They seem to like him so yay ^_^

In other news, I've been losing a lot of weight lately. I've gone down to a size 10! Gotta thank retail and walking my ass to work almost everyday. Also staying away from really fattening food and soda helped too. The only time I do eat things that are carbtastic are when I am at work, and that is because I need the energy to burn. Also because I are broke and can't afford much else....

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Also, speaking of Yule Con, it was really fun! Its a small convention, but I find myself to be having more fun at those than the big ones. crimsindreamer and I sold a few commissions, not so much on the prints. But I am looking forward to the next con we will be at! We're shooting for Matsuri in Houston.

My Nuts?

I have a job interview on Monday! Yay! =D

Also, holy shit Yule Con is tomorrow! Pretty excited about that, anyone that is going, look forward to seeing crimsindreamer and myself at our art table under the name Lemon & Lime

Hmm I'll likely only cosplay Phoenix Wright on Saturday, but if I take my belts I'll wear my signature Kamen Rider outfits =3 Otherwise, just random Neko outfits lol.

So yeah, just really determined to get this job and actually get a car finally! Its crazy to think that I may actually be able to afford one soon!

“As you think, so shall you become”

I've been having a good time over here at mum's. My older sister and I have been bonding over Bruce Lee movies. We both agree that he was a sexy and amazing man. Also we watched that 1993 movie based on his life, I'd never seen it before. I loved it! Jason Scott Lee is HOT! <333 Looks just like Bruce Lee, its so awesome! I had actually wound up sketching a Bruce Lee pic, my mom laid claim to it, she was a fangirl back in those days hahaha. I've just been getting in touch with my love for martial arts films. Something tells me I need to marathon the Kill Bill movies again.

I've been debating on looking for a new job once again. I'm so tired of this kind of retail, I want to do something a bit different. But since I still have no car, my choices are a bit limited. I want to try the Central Market that is just a mere 10-15 min walk away from my apartment. I hope I can get a job there. Its pretty high end so I can assume they pay pretty good.

I've been thinking about how I am going to tackle these two commissions I've got to finish soon! I may just do them in marker since my computer is so slow and unreliable. Sounds like a plan.

Hmm I will be going back home tomorrow evening... I get to work at 6am on Wednesday, yaay!! -_-;


I must apologize for being so made of fail and being slow at finishing commissions >_> Work seems to be taking more and more out of me lately, but I will finish the ones I have right now, I promise! I'm also having to deal with a horridly slow computer, so please bear with me and thank you for being patient with me!

Also, this BB&B that I work at now is way different than the other one. For one thing, it is WAY more busy. I've been worn out almost everyday... Ugh. Just one more year. One more.

In the meantime...
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